Planets Situated In Particular House And Its Effect

THE SUN FIRST HOUSE – 1. When native bores a hand pump in his ancestral house, evil effects will be warded off after 10 years of such installation. SECOND HOUSE 1. When sun is in second house upaye of saturn will be done, such as donation of oil,almond, coconut. 2. One should not no accept anything as donation […]

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Some Remedies According To The Planets

Some of the remedies are recommended according to the nine planets. 1. Sun – Gur should be thrown in running water. 2. Moon – A container of milk or water be kept toward your head in the night, the water or milk be served to kikar tree in the morning. 3. Mars – a) Sweets and sweet food be […]

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Some Common Remedies For Every Individual

Daily prayer should be performed in the morning. Touch the feet of mother and father every day. Respect your elder brother and sister and give love to your young ones. Always wear clean clothes. Nails of hands and legs should be cut short because it creates health problem and also indicates hurdle in family life. […]

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Relation Of Colour With The Planets And Their Effects In Life

Colour plays an important role in our daily life. These colours make our life happy, excited, enjoyable and sometime makes us unwantedly unhappy and sad. Every colour has its own equalities and effect. We can say, to make conclusion of anything, colour plays an important role. Without colour, life is isolated. The natural source of […]

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Daily Horoscope Forecast

Aries – Loss of wealth, difficulties in education, traveling to some holy places, chance of promotion in service. Sky blue, red is your lucky colour. Taurus – Today is your lucky day and will get some good news. There is a chance of resolution related to some old money matter. Pink ,light green, and light […]

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